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silicone rubber wire UL3589
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Product Description:

Conductor:35 AWG - 10 AWG Minimum 0.0015 in dia resistance copper-Nickel or Nickel Chromium alloy wire spirally wound over a fiberglass core 0.051 in (1.3 mm) maximum thickness. 

Silicone Rubber insulation

Rated temperature:200℃.Rated voltage:600volts 

Uniform thickness of wire to ensure easy stripping and cutting.

Passes UL VW-1&CUL FT1 vertical flame test


The heater wire is the same with the inner fixed wires for the subassembly of the heating the heat  preservation and the defroster etc.such as the refrigerator, the heating product, the rice cooker , 

the towel cabinet, the massor and the seating washer etc.




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